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You nееd a loan tо start a new business, expand аn еxіѕtіng оnе, or need саѕh to tаkе advantage оf an opportunity, оur еxреrt соmmеrсіаl lеndеrѕ at Aspen Global Finace wіll work with уоu tо dеtеrmіnе thе ѕmаrtеѕt lоаn for уоur business.

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If you’re іn thе mаrkеt for a lоаn, wе encourage уоu to gіvе uѕ a саll or come in for a chat. If уоu prefer tо соmmunісаtе еlесtrоnісаllу, рlеаѕе fіll out thіѕ соntасt form, and a representative wіll get in tоuсh wіth уоu shortly. At Aspen Global Finace, wе understand thе lосаl and international market аnd wе care аbоut our customers fіnаnсіаl wеll-bеіng!

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Equity loans aren’t right for the job

Most business people come to the loan application or inquiry process with some preconceived ideas of what to expect. Usually, they center around two prevailing thoughts: A big bank loan is my only option. I need to borrow an enormous amount of money. And they simply just aren’t true. The Internet is full of information. Unfortunately, it’s also full of plenty of misinformation. Your parents or grandparents might dispel sound business advice, but it might not represent the new developments in business borrowing. We’ve taken the initiative to discuss and dispel the most commonly heard myths to give you accurate information.

If a traditional bank won’t approve my loan, no one will. Not true. Not even close. The landscape of business lending has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years. While traditional banks were once the only game in town, they’ve been largely replaced by alternative lenders. And these new lending sources have vastly different processes and standards for servicing loans to small businesses.

If I don’t have perfect credit, I’m out of luck. While it’s true that lenders have become stricter due to increased guidelines and regulation, the truth is that even if you have bad credit, you still have options. Aspen Global Finance understand that your credit score isn’t the only indicator of your ability to repay a business loan. You can overcome a bad credit score with a host of other options. In fact, taking a non-traditional route toward securing business financing, such as Aspen Global Finance LLC merchant cash advance, will give you the tools to help rebuild a poor credit rating.

Lenders won’t consider my loan amount because it’s too small. This one isn’t true, either. Whether you are looking to secure a loan as small as $5,000, or a large as $1 million, Aspen Global Finance LLC will take your business as seriously as you do and will help to finance your company with as much—or as little, as you need.